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Word 2000 in a Nutshell: A Power User's Quick R...
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Word 2000 in a Nutshell is a clear, concise, and complete reference to the world's most popular word-processing program. This book is the first choice of the Word power user who needs help completing a specific task or understanding a command. It's also an invaluable resource that uncovers Word 2000's undocumented features and shares powerful time-saving tips. The book's organization offers several ways to find information quickly. Part One is a thorough overview of the Word interface that serves as a roadmap for the rest of the book. This section also empowers users with an under-the-hood perspective on Word and shows how customizable Word really is. Part Two is a detailed reference to every command in Word's menu bar, from the File menu right across to the Help menu. Each entry is illuminated with straightforward explanations, clear instructions, and tips on making the most of Word's features. Part Three takes up some of Word's advanced features, with chapters on collaborating, creating a template, using VBA, and more. Specific topics covered in the book include: * Understanding Word's global architecture * Customizing toolbars, menus, shortcuts, and context menus * Creating and using templates * Mastering fields and forms * Making the most of Word's HTML capability * Discovering the power of master documents * Getting started with Word macros

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